I had lunch at Moose n’ Eddies today, and noted a little marketing ploy that earns them a star on Sean’s marketing wall of fame.

And it’s so easy that anyone could do it.

The restaurant is re-launching breakfast service, and, in addition to a Facebook campaign, they’re wisely doing some in-restaurant marketing. They have some signage, but what struck me was the two little business cards tucked into the bill folder at the end of the meal. Professional-looking business card style coupons offered 20% off breakfast. A little bonus just as I’m about to pay! It probably was good for increasing tips, too.

What a great way to market to their existing clients – the people most likely to show up there for breakfast.

The cost is reasonable – just a couple hundreds bucks will buy a thousand or more nice-looking business cards.

Of course, this kind of marketing isn’t enough on its own, since, like the Facebook work, it doesn’t reach people who aren’t already clients.

But existing clients are the people most likely to buy from you again; they’re the easiest to market to; and they’re often the most overlooked target market.

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