How much energy are you investing in someone else’s platform? Do your Facebook posts really engage with people, and, even if they do, are you benefiting from that engagement, or is Facebook? Do you drive people to YOUR website?  And, are people even seeing all the work you’re doing on your Facebook page? Facebook reports that 16% of people see the posts of Pages that they have “liked.” So of all those “likes” you worked so hard to get, fewer than one in five are actually seeing what you post.

Given how quickly Facebook can and does changes the rules of marketing and advertising, it’s wise to ensure that all your eggs aren’t in Mark Zuckerberg’s basket. Of course, Facebook is an excellent, far-reaching platform, and you should probably be using it. But it shouldn’t be your only platform. As will always be true in social media (and advertising in general), content is king. Good content will be shared and get viewers. If you have good content, make sure YOU benefit from it. Drive people to your website.

Of course, that’s all easy to say if you have a big, well-managed website and a webmaster who can update your site regularly with your dynamic content. But what if you’re a little Powell River business and your have either no website, or a static one? Keep your Facebook page fresh, relevant and engaging. Make sure that content is valuable, and try to repurpose it (think flyers, posters, print ads.) But don’t invest so much into those Facebook posts that other aspects of your marketing suffer, like your exterior and interior signage, advertising, and, most importantly, your customer service.



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