The best place to advertise in Powell River!

We’re published monthly, 12 issues a year. Every issue puts 7,000 copies into the community and on the ferries.
Summer issues bump that to 8,000. Powell River Living is available at more than 60 locations, including all three BC Ferry routes servicing Powell River.

When you advertise with Powell River Living you’re getting the best of a community newspaper combined with the marketing advantages of a magazine.
• From the newspaper side you get the affordability of newsprint advertising and the market penetration of free distribution.
• And from the magazine side comes long shelf life and multiple exposures.

Powell River Living gets you into the home, and keeps you there longer than newspapers do. Some of the advantages:
Magazines reach between four to six readers and remain in homes an average of five to 14 days.
• A daily newspaper has only a 15-30 minute exposure and an average of only two readers.
• Because magazines have historically been associated with a positive image, our readers look forward to reading them.

Get the market penetration of a free distribution product!

Download our current 2017 Rate Card (PDF) here.

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Download our Editorial Calendar (PDF) here.

Advertising Policy

We need advertising, and so do our readers.

Advertising allows Powell River Living to be distributed throughout the local area and online free of charge. Advertising is also a valued service to our readers, letting them know what’s available from local businesses and organizations.

Powell River Living endeavours to create and publish effective advertising that is truthful, substantiated, not misleading and in good public taste.We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express differing views, including political views with which we may not agree.

But we’re all about the good stuff.

However, we reserve the right to refuse any advertisement that we believe is incompatible with our mission to showcase the best of Powell River and celebrate the people and stories of our community. It’s also worth noting that our readers expect and want that positive perspective in Powell River Living, so if your advertising doesn’t match that tone, ours may not be the best vehicle for your message, and we will endeavour to tell advertisers so when we believe that to be the case.

So keep it clean and upbeat.

We reserve the right to refuse advertising that we deem to be vulgar, obscene, profane, pornographic, threatening, abusive, harassing or hateful (racially, ethnically or otherwise) or that we deem otherwise unsuitable.

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