Are your customer counts not translating into sales? People are certainly hanging onto their money a little more tightly these days. But could you help them part with it in your store?

Merchandising is not my area of expertise, but I do know, both from personal experience and studying the studies on the subject, that the way merchandise is displayed can make a big difference to whether or not people buy.

Linda Whiteley over at Beyond the Bed always seem to do a fantastic job of displaying her wares. She tells me that she gets a lot of her advice from a fellow named Bob Phipps. You can find his writing at Check out his blog posts, particularly on the subject of merchandising. I particularly enjoyed his headline entitled “Merchandising: How To Attract Retail Customers Without Discounting” at although the post didn’t really deliver other than to re-state what the headline said. To my mind, though, that’s important enough! However, his post “7 Ways To Transform Retail Store Displays Into Sales” did deliver some tangible ideas that can help any retail business owner right now.



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