Monique Harwood-Lynn had been feeling homesick to return to Canada for many years and thought retirement would be the earliest she could make that move. However, having been to Powell River a few times and having brought her now-16 year old son, Solomon, out to visit as well,  their plans came forward many years.  

Why did you choose to move to Powell River?

Monique • To be nearer family. I have a sister and brother-in-law, Teresa and Ben Fairless, here and my parents are down the coast in Gibsons.

When? Where from?

Monique • My son, Solomon,  and I arrived in Powell River in August last year.  We decided in January last year to make the leap from Cornwall in South-West England to Powell River. I was rather pleasantly surprised when Solomon asked if we could come in August 2017 as the original plan was to move in August 2018.  Having been here a few times since Teresa and Ben arrived about three years ago I knew this was where I wanted to live in Canada, though I grew up in Edmonton and have spent the last nearly 30 years in England.

What surprised you about Powell River once you moved here?

Monique • I was quite overwhelmed (still am) by the generosity of Powell Riverites when it comes to raising money for causes. It hardly seems possible that so much giving and doing can take place in a small city yet people keep on giving and doing for others.

What made you decide to move to Powell River?

Monique • The ocean…the mountains…the trees!!. We had lived in Cornwall, England before which is very ‘softly rural’  so this is quite a contrast.  And, of course, local family.

Where is your favourite place in Powell River?

Monique • Where I live, overlooking the Padgett Valley with mountains  and a wee glimpse of the water and Texada.  It is just five minutes out of town but very rural feeling. Today, sunrise and coffee on the deck was at 6:30 am. I also really like Townsite.

How did you first hear about Powell River?

Monique • My sister and brother in law made the move here three years ago from Port Coquitlam and haven’t stopped singing its praises!

What would make Powell River a nicer community?

Monique • If we could be sure there were enough services for the aging population.  Many folk are anxious about this for themselves and their older loved ones.

What aspect of your previous community do you think would benefit Powell River?

Monique • One of my favourite aspects of Lostwithiel, in Cornwall, where we lived was the New Year’s Eve procession of Giants.  Huge bamboo framed tissue paper puppets made by enthusiastic locals and paraded around town with the various local bands to ring in the New Year. I think anywhere would benefit from such a Giants procession. It was an amazing community event.

If you were mayor of Powell River what would you do?

Monique • I would work hard to make the lives of Powell River’s children even better with more opportunities.

What are Powell River’s best assets?

Monique • Its people, without a doubt!

What is your greatest extravagance?

Monique • Making a new life in a beautiful place. I am so fortunate and grateful to be able to make this choice having previously made a life in one of England’s most beautiful counties.

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