Jeannie and Grant Gregory had been making plans to retire for a few years before Grant retired in September 2015. “We had lived in Langley in the same house for the last 30 years,” said Jeannie. “When the housing market went crazy we figured this would be the time to sell and it would allow me to retire as well,” she added.

The couple had planned to retire elsewhere but that was before they visited Powell River.

“I had never been here before and to tell you the truth when they (my sister and her husband) said they were moving to Powell River I wondered why would you want to go there?” said Jeannie. “When we came to visit them we soon saw what a beautiful little town this is and after a couple of visits and a great day of fishing we were hooked!”

Why did you choose to move to Powell River?

Jeannie • We came here to visit my sister. We had never been to Powell River before and for some reason had it in mind that Powell River was further north, more like the Prince Rupert area. We really had no thoughts at that time to move here. We were going to retire to the Okanagan when the time came. Once we saw what Powell River had to offer, the Okanagan was no longer an option. The affordability of the housing market here would allow us to sell our home on the lower mainland and retire earlier than expected! Yahoo!! We then had to convince Grant’s 93-year-old father (who was still living on his own at the time, in his own home) to move to Powell River with us. We brought him here for a few days to show him how beautiful it is and said “wouldn’t you love to be able to look at that view every day!” No further convincing was required.

When? Where from?

Jeannie • We moved here in July last year from Langley.

What surprised you about Powell River once you moved here?

Jeannie • How friendly everyone was and how you really feel connected to the community.

Grant • The quietness and the beauty of the whole area.

What made you decide to move to Powell River?

Jeannie • Powell River seemed like the perfect place for us to retire. We love the outdoors. It has the oceanlife, the wildlife, the natural forest trails and the sunsets. What else could you ask for?

Grant • Close to the ocean sealed the deal for me.

Where is your favourite place in Powell River?

Jeannie • On my sundeck watching the sunsets, after that would be the seawall and Willingdon Beach trail.

Grant • The ocean, watching the marine life.

How did you first hear about Powell River?

Jeannie • My sister and her husband had moved to Powell River a few years earlier and they invited us to visit.

What would make Powell River a nicer community?

Jeannie • We think it’s pretty nice just the way it is!

What aspect of your previous community do you think would benefit Powell River?

Grant • We are retired so for us Powell River has everything we need but for the younger people more job opportunities would probably be on their list.

If you were mayor of Powell River what would you do?

Jeannie • Include garbage pickup fees in with the property taxes.

What are Powell River’s best assets?

Jeannie • The way the town is situated in relation to the ocean  is the best asset. It allows for the best advantage for so many to see the magnificent views. Those sunsets are not to be missed!

Grant • Also all of the outdoor activities, fishing, hiking, hunting, etc.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Jeannie • The house with the spectacular view!

Grant • Our boat.

Which talent or superpower would you most like to have?

Jeannie • I would love to be able to fly over the oceans and the mountains.

Grant • Underwater breathing – That way I could experience the ocean below the surface as well as above.

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