Dr. Emily Anderson is a new physician at the Medical Clinic Associates. She took over Dr. Cindy Addison’s practice when Cindy retired in August of last year. When she isn’t working, she loves to hike, run, camp and play tennis.

Why did you choose to move to Powell River?

Emily • Largely for work, but the lifestyle aspect played a huge role in my decision.

When? Where from?

Emily • I moved this past August from Vancouver for work, which I started at the Medical Clinic Associates.

What surprised you about Powell River once you moved here?

Emily • The natural beauty and the remarkable friendliness of the community. I don’t think I’ve ever been to such a welcoming town.

Where is your favourite place in Powell River?

Emily • Millennium Park, 100%.

How did you first hear about Powell River?

Emily • Our family used to sail during the summer. I was nine when our family sailed to Desolation Sound. Although we didn’t stop in Powell River, we did stop in Lund. When I was 12, I visited Savary Island for the first time with friends.

What would make Powell River a nicer community?

Emily • Hmmm, that’s very hard to say. I actually don’t know.

What aspect of your previous community do you think would benefit Powell River?

Emily • More real estate, especially housing rentals maybe? I looked for ages before finding something, but I eventually found a beautiful spot in Townsite. Definitely worth the wait.

What challenges did you face in trying to make a life for yourself here?

Emily • Like any move, I suppose the challenge of being away from friends and family is there. And perhaps the additional travel required when visiting my brothers (and my new baby niece) in the States.

What are Powell River’s best assets?

Emily • Oceanfront, the PEOPLE, Inland Lake/Powell Lake, Townsite Brewery, endless running and hiking trails, restaurant choices (and quality), the PEOPLE!

What is your greatest extravagance?

Emily • Hmmm…. occasional pedicures?

Which talent or superpower would you most like to have?

Emily • Invisibility (not all the time! Just sometimes).

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