In an age of texting, Facebook, and email, are customers still calling your business? Of course they are. But are you making it easy for them to do so? Does your Facebook page list your phone number. Does your website have a “click to call” button? With mobile steadily taking a greater portion of web searches, “click to call” simplicity is increasingly important. People are far more likely to just click to call you when they have their phone in hand than they are to send an email question or fill out an online form.

A 2013 Google study showed that 70 per cent of mobile searchers have use a “click to call” button following an online mobile search. Some 51 per cent said they always or frequently need to call a business from their search results. So if your landing page doesn’t have a click to call button, you could risk losing half of those potential customers.

And this counts for local customers. People looking for local services are the most likely to place a call from an online search.

So make it easy for them.

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